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It’s been a long time since the French press became popular in America . It was originally invented by an American who loved coffee and wanted to find a way to make his drink stronger than what he could get from other methods. The device is still used today for its simplicity, compact design, and ease of use. However, there are many different types of French presses out there – so how do you choose? This article will help you figure out which type is best for you!

Even with many coffee equipment options to choose from, selecting a French Presses are one of the easiest decisions to make. In this article, we break down French Press users into four categories: the road warrior, the traveler, glass fans, and stainless steel fans.

After brewing a thousand times with various French Presses, brewers is that as long as the filter seal was tight, no one French Press made better coffee than the next. Changing the coarseness of your coffee, stir it more, or altering your coffee to water ratio are far more important. If you have an already-working French Press but don’t like the coffee, it makes, first check this article for tips.

#1 The Road Warrior

Look for a travel mug incorporating a built-in French presses for those who are always on the go. You can brew the coffee right in the mug. A good press will fit in the drink holder of your car. Some people have less satisfactory experiences with French presses because they do not tighten the filter tightly enough or use too coarse coffee grounds.

Bodum has created a solution: The travel French press is great because it keeps the grounds down and keeps the coffee warm. When preparing ground coffee in a French press, use the provided recipe and avoid overloading it with too much. Though you will only receive 34 ounces of coffee using a French press, this is an inconvenience if you need more than that. You can brew coffee at home with a larger device and then carry the thermos as you go out.

#2 The Traveler

If you intend to bring the French Presses while traveling, portability and durability are crucial. You should be wary of where you purchase a French press, as some might have pieces of broken glass that can shatter and damage your clothes/belongings during travel. If you are traveling with other coffee drinkers, consider the brewer recommendation in the Road Warrior section. Consequently, if you want to have more coffee while sitting around a campfire, you will need a higher-volume French presses.

GSI Outdoors’ lightweight French press weighs only 50 ounces and is made of BPA-free plastic. The insulating sleeve covers this brewer. A French press will keep your coffee warmer, longer.

#3 Glass French Press Fans

Now that we’ve covered the needs of The Road Warriors and The Travelers, taking a closer look at what features to consider in a French Press for at home. It is time to decide between a glass or stainless steel French presses.

Deciding between glass and stainless steel French presses boils down to a question of preference.

  1. If you want to be able to watch as the plunger descends into your coffee, a glass press is perfect for you.
  2. Glass is fragile and can easily break. But there are glass options with heavier and more protective frames. The stainless steel does not shatter if your cat or child knocks it off the counter.
  3. Does longer coffee break times delight you? Stainless steel presses retain heat, so enjoy the extended period.

A sturdy frame and a stable base are vital features of a good glass French press. This press has a sturdy base for stability. When you grind your beans too fine and need to push down with some force, this is an important feature.

The Ecooe Borosilicate has a capacity of 20 ounces. If you need a larger serving volume, consider the Bodum Brazil. It comes in two different sizes: 34 ounces and 51 ounces. Several other models offer benefits, such as Brazil’s flat plastic base and the metal-framed Chambord.

#4 Stainless Steel French Press Fans

Stainless Steel French Presses have two advantages over glass models. French presses made with stainless steel are durable and retain heat better. If you serve coffee right after it finishes brewing, heat retention is not going to be necessary. If you prefer to have your coffee stay hot, stainless steel is another excellent option.

Various types of French presses are made from stainless steel. The Bruhen has a sleek design and is less expensive than the Frieling. The French press brews 32 ounces of coffee and has a heat retention curve similar to the Planetary Design model.

If you prefer brighter colors, Planetary Designs’ tabletop French Press models are an option. These come in various colors: black, brushed steel, candy apple red, mocha, and green tea.

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