6 Easy Ways to Clean a French Press Coffee Maker


Anybody who owns a French Press coffee maker is probably already familiar with what a tough job it is to clean the machine. A clean coffee maker is vital to getting a cup of good tasting coffee. Fortunately, the process only requires a few minutes if you use the correct cleaning methods.

Ways to Clean Your French Press Coffee Maker

With the right cleaning agent, cleaning your coffee maker can become a lot easier. Here are six easy ways you can clean a French Press Coffee Maker:

  1. Vinegar: Vinegar is a natural stain remover that works amazingly well for removing and cleaning coffee stains. The acidic properties of vinegar make it highly effective in removing tough stains. Simply disassemble the components of the French Press and allow it to soak in a diluted vinegar solution. You can also use a little bit of vinegar to scrub off the stains.
  2. Vinegar + Table Salt: If vinegar does not get the job done, you are better off adding a tablespoon of salt to make a mixture. Tablespoon and vinegar both work wonders for cleaning coffee stains. This solution is the best option if you want to remove tough stains.
  3. Baking Soda: Baking soda is perhaps one of the best-known stain removers for cleaning coffee makers, especially because it does not leave behind any odor or taste that can affect your coffee drinking experience.
  4. Soap Detergent: You can also use soap detergent to clean your French Press Coffee Maker. Contrary to popular belief, soap detergent also serves as a great cleaning agent for removing coffee stains. However, it would require leaving the dishwasher components soaked in the detergent and water mixture for best results.
  5. Lemon: Lemon is a fairly common ingredient that is used for getting rid of tough stains. Use a wedge or slice of lemon to grease the entire coffee maker. You may then use another cleaning agent to get rid of the stain. Lemon reduces the tight grip of stains and makes it easier for you to scrub off any impurities left behind.
  6. Dishwasher: Crubbing away coffee stains can be a tedious task. That’s where a dishwasher comes in. Cleaning most units is fairly simple. Separate the components of the coffee machine and rinse the glass carafe and filter system. Place the components in the dishwasher and let it work its magic. Ensure the French Press Coffee Maker you have is dishwasher friendly.

Cleaning Steps

Here are a few necessary steps you should follow if you want to clean your French Press Coffee Maker:

Remove Used Coffee Grounds

The first step to cleaning your French Press Coffee Maker is to remove the used coffee grounds. Coffee grounds can clog up the sink or the garbage disposal, hence you are better off disposing of them in a good old trash can.

To get out all the grounds, use a spoon or brush to extract out whatever is left behind. Rinse out the remaining fine coffee grounds in the sink.

Disassemble Coffee Machine

This step involves disassembling all the French Press components including the lid, cylinder, plunger, and the plunger screen. Submerge all the components in your kitchen sink filled with hot water.

Add a little bit of cleaning agent of your choice. Baking soda is considered the best for coffee snobs who do not want to compromise on the taste of their coffee. However, a little bit of dish soap is also fine just as long as you rinse it properly. After all, nobody wants to drink coffee that tastes like soap.

Scrub Away

Invest in a small brush with delicate bristles that won’t scratch up the beautiful glass of your French Press Coffee Maker. Be sure to scrub the inside walls of the carafe using baking soda solution or warm water. It is now time to move on to the plunger: give the plunger and plunger screen a thorough scrubbing, ensuring all the remaining coffee grounds are removed.


Disassemble the parts and lay them down on a drying rack. Allow the components to air-dry. If you need to use the coffee maker immediately, use a dish towel to dry it off.

Tips to Clean Your French Press Coffee Maker

Here are a few tips that will help keep your French Press Coffee Maker spotless and in good working condition:

  • Avoid Using the Dishwasher: Using the dishwasher every once in a while is perfectly alright but excessive use may damage your coffee machine. Hand-wash your coffee maker as much as possible using the abovementioned cleaning agents.
  • Don’t Use a Metal Spoon to Extract Coffee Grounds: Using hard metals and spoons to extract the remaining coffee grounds can damage the glass in the French Press. Instead, opt for a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Rinse, Rinse, Rinse: If your coffee tastes like soap and other cleaning agents, you ought to start rinsing it properly after every wash. Rinse it well, especially the filter as it is likely to trap soap bubbles.
  • Watch What You Put Inside the Machine: Apart from making a cup of delicious coffee, a French Press can also be used for draining the liquid off of frozen spinach to straining shrimp shells and mussels. Keep in mind these food items are likely to leave behind stains and odors which might not be easy to remove.

Be wary of whatever you put inside the machine. Additionally, steer clear of bulky items that might clog or require force to strain the machine. Such items are likely to shatter the vessel, causing damage to your precious coffee maker.


Cleaning a French Press Coffee Maker can be a difficult process since coffee stains can be tough to remove. However, rest assured, the above-mentioned tips and tricks will not only ensure your French Press Coffee Maker is gleaming but will also guarantee better tasting coffee.

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