Savvy Infusion Water Bottle 24oz


This infusion water bottle from One Savvy Life can be filled with fruitsvegetables, and herbs to create infused water. Infused water has been a major trend lately in the health and fitness world. It seems that many companies are now getting on board with this health craze.

The Savvy Infusion Water bottle has a screw lid and wide mouth, with the infuser basket located in the middle.  You simply cut fruit, place it in the basket, fill the bottle with water and you’re good to go.

The idea of these infusers is that the flavor and nutrients will come through into the water. This makes the drink a little more enticing than regular water. Infuser water bottles have been hailed as a great way to give up sodas and other refined sugar drinks.



  • The Savvy Infusion Water Bottle is pleasantly designed. It has a large handle for carrying, and once filled with fruit it is very appealing to drink from.
  • It’s an incredible motivator to drink more water due to the nice bottle and keeps your mind of sugary sodas and juice, I found myself drinking double the amount of water I regularly do!
  • It’s able to be filled up a few times before losing any flavor, so if you can keep the fruit in it all day long.





Overall, the Savvy Infusion Water bottle is great value for money. Aesthetically, it looks amazing and it has a convenient handle for carrying it around the workplace, gym, on a walk, or anywhere you need to go.

The infuser itself seems to work wonders in extracting the flavors from the fruit, vegetables, and herbs that I used it with and they seem to last longer other infuser water bottles I’ve tested. Overall, the Savvy Infusion Water Bottle gets the job done, and it’s a great way to get healthy and add some fun to regular drinking water.


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  • Joy Steele
    January 26, 2020

    I bought the 24 ounce savvy water bottle with infuser in May 2019. I have only used the bottle a handful of times. The flip top has broken.can I purchase a replacement lid?

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