Savvy Straws 9.5-Inch Bent Stainless Steel Straws


Straws are a somewhat modern convenience that we’ve all been accustomed to for quite some time now. From soft drinks to smoothies, straws provide us with a much more preferable way to drink our beverages.

Plastic Straws Should be a Thing of the Past

While this is certainly a convenience, the trade-off is dealing with all of the excess waste caused by the millions of straws used every year, and also even risking your health over the chemicals used in the plastic itself.

Reusable straws offer a solution to the pitfalls of plastic, but most of these straws have issues of their own, whether it’s their fragility, size, or even lackluster appearance in general. We yearned for a straw that avoided all of these issues, so we decided to make some ourselves.

A Superior Straw in Both Design and Build

Our stainless steel straws offer a far better solution to the issue of plastic straws in every possible way. Each straw is 9.5 inches in length, has a slight bend, and is crafted from food grade 18/8 high-quality stainless steel. This not only results in a more sturdy and durable straw but one that looks great as well.

The straws’ stainless steel material also makes them resistant to breaking, scratching, chipping, and rusting. It’s safe to say that you will have these straws for a long time.

The straws are completely safe to use as well. They are 100% BPA-free, giving you peace of mind with each use. As an added bonus, you’ll be happy knowing that you are doing your part to cut back on the pollution that comes from widespread plastic straw use. Truly a win-win all around.

Modern Appeal with Numerous Uses

The size and build of these straws make them suitable for a variety of uses, displaying a modern design and aesthetic each time. You can use them for most any to-go cup, cocktail glasses, and most tumblers, including Yeti tumblers.

Easy Cleaning

The stainless steel of the straws gives you two cleaning options. You can either toss them into the dishwasher when you’re finished or clean them by hand. We make this much easier by including a scrubbing brush that easily fits into the straw for any hard-to-reach cleaning you may need.

A Unique Gift for Any Occasion

Our straws come in an appealing gift box, making them an easy gift for numerous occasions. They are perfect for hosts and hostesses, people with home bar setups that would appreciate a little extra flair with their cocktails, and also for anyone who is constantly using tumblers on the go.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We love these straws and use them daily at our own homes and offices. We know you’ll love them too. In fact, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all of our products, including these straws. If you for any reason are unsatisfied or experience a defect, just let us know and we will be more than happy to take care of it for you, no questions asked.

Upgrade Your Straw Usage Today

We’ve made it easy and affordable to get on the way to using durable, appealing, and modern straws that also reduce your environmental impact. For just $12.95, you can have your very own five-pack of these incredible straws in the mail and on their way to your home. Don’t deal with ugly, flimsy, wasteful plastic straws any longer, order your set today!


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